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Currently The Practice Is Forbidden.

Colorado approves hemp-animal feed study Updated 12:10pm, Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Photo: Mary Esch Close Image 1 of 1 In this Sept. 25, 2016 photo, Dan Dolgin, left, and Mark Justh ...

Here Is Cuomos Exchange On The Issue: Q: Youve Talked A Lot About Making New York A Progressive Leader, And In Your State Of The State Written Message You Talked About Restructuring Marijuana Laws.

State Sen. Liz Krueger, a Democrat from Manhattans Upper East Side, has pending legislation that would legalize and tax recreational marijuana. Here is Cuomos exchange on the issue: ...

The Dispensaries May Provide Marijuana And Marijuana Products To Registered Patients.

Oahu-based Manoa Botanicals got permission from the Department of Health on Thursday. Aloha Green Holdings Inc. of Oahu and Maui Grown Therapies are the only other businesses that ...

Human Rights Groups And Legal Marijuana Activists Arent The Only Ones Who Support A Change In Drug Policy Around Marijuana.

According to Common Sense for Drug Policy, annual arrests for marijuana possession are at their Medical marijuana stocks lowest levels since 1997 . Still, hundreds of thousands of people ...

This Forces Dispensaries Such As Cornerstone To Compete With Businesses That Are Not Necessarily Spending As Much On Taxes, Labor And Other Fees.

City Council and residents were fed up with the proliferation of the industry. Pot shops were sprouting up everywhere. The union collaborated with cannabis collectives on the measure ...

Likecolorado, Applebaum Would Like To See Tax Revenues From Marijuana Sales Put Toward Public School Funding.

Applebaum’s bill. Applebaum’s bill: Money for schools Rep. Applebaum wants recreational marijuana to be regulated Medical marijuana stocks like alcohol in Minnesota, and ...

Legalization Of Marijuana Has No Hope Of Making It Through The Legislature, Jones Said, Meaning A Ballot Question Would Be The Only Path To Becoming Law.

But, as a former police officer, he doesn’t support legalizing recreational marijuana. He said legalizing pot, a “social drug,” could lead to more accidents on Michigan ...

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