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Cannabis legalisation: Teen addiction rate rises by a quarter in some US states

By: Brittany Keogh The proportion of teenagers addicted to marijuana rose by a quarter after it was legalised in some US states, a major study has found. US researchers ...

Law enforcement field tests may not distinguish between marijuana and hemp

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‘The tribe has taken over’: the Native Americans running Las Vegas’s only cannabis lounge

By: Dan Hernandez Acouple seated at a high-top table smoked a joint, while six tourists in a circular booth nearby drank THC-infused beer and reviewed the flower menu. It ...

The Australian cannabis industry

By: Advertorial If you’re not already, it’s high time you get clued up on the controversial cannabis legalisation and innovation that’s taking place in Australia and around ...

University Of Florida’s Secret Hemp Fields Grow Marijuana

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Medical marijuana in Louisiana: Questions about cost arise

By: MELINDA DESLATTE Three months after medical marijuana became available in Louisiana, doctors and clinics say some patients are finding the cost for therapeutic cannabis ...

Washington County hemp farmer is high on local cannabis market

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Brendan Kennedy: the data geek taking cannibis mainstream

By: Jane Lewis Brendan Kennedy was an early mover in the market as the world started to legalise cannabis. It seemed like a crazy and risky decision a decade ago. Now, he’s ...

Local hemp farmer sees benefits for growers, consumers in new regulations

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The Challenges of Medicinal Cannabis in Colombia

By: Nicolás Martínez Rivera In July 2016, the Colombian government enacted Law 1787, which regulates the use of medicinal cannabis and its trade in the country. With this decision ...
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