Hemp Farming Reportedly Started In East Tennessee

Hemp farming takes root in East Tennessee

“Cannabis is the most well rounded plant on the planet.” Faison said the plant has been demonized for 80 years and he has worked to help educate people to all the good things cannabis can do for people. A number of products can be made from hemp seed, hemp oil and hemp fibers.

Some of the things made from hemp include beer, flour, feed, cooking additives, dietary supplements, fuel, detergents, fabric, insulation, carpeting, paneling and paper, among many other uses. Cannabis can also be used as medicine.

Faison was instrumental in passing a bill during the 2015 legislative session allowing people with intractable seizures to legally possess CBD oil. He introduced a bill after meeting with a Greeneville family, the Mathes family, whose daughter, Josie, suffers with seizures. While families can possess CBD oil and not get in trouble with law enforcement, Tennessee does not allow production of CBD oil in the state.

To read more, visit http://www.timesnews.net/gallery/9089767/hemp-farming-in-east-tennessee

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