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( OTC PINK : HEMP ) is pleased report that the Hemp Industry continues to garner media attention as Pennsylvania shows favorable interest in legalizing industrial hemp and North Carolina awaits the signature of approval from Governor Pat McCrory to legalize industrial hemp. As the Richmond County Daily Journal pointed out in their article below, “Linking hemp and marijuana was a knee-jerk reaction based on misinformed public sentiment rather than science.” Thus, “Allowing industrial hemp cultivation corrects that mistake.” As more states begin to realize the enormous environmental and economic benefits of industrial hemp, state officials are positioning their states to reap the economic rewards. Industrial hemp. In fact, they love it so much that the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approved the newly-introduced House Bill 967 within minutes of introduction , sending it to the house floor for debate and vote. House Bill 967 , introduced by Representative Russ Diamond on Tuesday (October 6), would allow industrial hemp to be grown or cultivated by special programs in Pennsylvania. Currently, American companies must import industrial hemp from countries such as Canada and China, blockading what has historically been one of America’s largest markets. Pennsylvania’s move, which mirrors those taken by other states, could potentially open up a number of doors for commercial uses, which would benefit the planet given hemp’s low impact on the environment. “The feds are catching on to the enormous environmental and economic benefits of the use of industrial hemp, and this pilot program anticipates the full legalization of hemp crops for industrial purposes in the future,” said Diamond in a statement. “My bill will put Pennsylvania in a position to reap the economic rewards that will come when further barriers are removed.” Hemp, an incredibly resilient crop , can grow in a number of climate and soil types, and is largely pest-resistant.

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