Human Rights Groups And Legal Marijuana Activists Arent The Only Ones Who Support A Change In Drug Policy Around Marijuana.

According to Common Sense for Drug Policy, annual arrests for marijuana possession are at their Medical marijuana stocks lowest levels since 1997 . Still, hundreds of thousands of people are arrested each year, and some years they outnumber those arrested for all violent crimes , like murder, assault, and rape. If the individuals charged are convicted, that can have significant, perpetual effectson their lives. Non-violent marijuana convictions can deleteriously impact peoples right to vote and their entitlement to public benefits including public housing and cripple their work prospects. Historically, this adverse impact has disproportionately affected communities of color. Though both white and black people use marijuana at about the same rates, black marijuana users are arrested almost four times as often as white marijuana users, ACLU data shows. For these reason, Eidinger and many others see continued marijuana criminalization as the most major civil rights crisis of this generation. Could the Trump Administration Capitalize on Growing Support for Marijuana Legalization? Human rights groups and legal marijuana activists arent the only ones who support a change in drug policy around marijuana. Almost 60 percent of Americans do too, a recent survey from the Pew Research Center shows. That is almost a complete reversal from just a decade ago, when 60 percent opposed it.

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