Pueblo County Marijuana Industry Forms Group

The group’s goals are to push for legislative policies and laws that will bring tougher standards, professionalize the industry and keep cannabis out of the hands of kids. The president of the group is Tommy Giodone, a restaurant owner and businessman who is building a medical marijuana dispensary next to his restaurant on U.S. Business 50.

“I got into it because some folks in the neighborhood wanted to open up a dispensary and I just felt they were not legitimate businessmen,” he said. Giodone said the group wants stronger regulations for caregivers — people licensed to grow small amounts of marijuana at home for a limited number of patients.

He said Pueblo County has at least 140 caregivers. “Caregivers, not all of them, are running wild with growing cannabis because there’s nobody regulating, putting standards and procedures in place,” he said. “A legalized dispensary has to pay insurance, licensing fees and is regulated by the state. Everything from seed to product is monitored closely.”

To read more, visit http://www.krdo.com/news/Marijuana-industry-forms-group-in-Pueblo-County/30791812

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