On July 1st, In Minnesota, Medical Marijuana Will Be Legalized

Marijuana 02Minnesota joins 23 other states bucking the federal laws that still classify cannabis as a dangerous, addictive substance with no possible medical worth. This Wednesday, medical marijuana will finally be legalized. For Wyatt, this is good news.

Three-year-old Wyatt sputtered happily as Jessica Hauser swung him up, up into the air to settle on her hip.

Then, all of a sudden, Wyatt’s eyelids fluttered and his head thumped against her shoulder. Then, he just sagged in her arms. It was another seizure. One of hundreds that rip through his developing brain daily, endangering his life, unchecked by all the epilepsy treatments the family has tried.
Wyatt suffered seven seizures in the time it took his parents to explain why they’ve already booked an appointment to buy cannabis oil for their son this Wednesday, the first day it will be legal.
“No seizures. Doesn’t that sound good?” Jessica crooned to her youngest.

To read more, visit http://www.startribune.com/for-the-sickest-minnesotans-medical-marijuana-will-be-legal-on-wednesday/310345271/

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