One Of The Western Slope’s Only Hemp Farms Begins Harvesting In Delta

813Richard and his wife Shirley began a personal mission – to become one of the Western Slope’s only hemp growers.

“We didn’t know anything about it”, said Shirley Munoz. “I mean never ever done it but, we just decided we’d jump into it.”

Growing hemp is not an easy or cheap task. Because of strict state regulations, and differing variations, hemp seed is scarce and costs around 2,500 dollars a pound.

“I can’t buy it outside of Colorado”, said Richard. “I have to buy it in state and seeds were very hard to find.”

The legal process of growing hemp is lengthy as well. You must first register with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, pay numerous fees, and you must file a report annually that includes verification of the crops and documentation of the purchase agreement with a hemp processor.

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