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Retail cannabis gets the green light in Costa Mesa as council passes new law

By SARA CARDINE Six months after Costa Mesa voters resoundingly approved Measure Q — a move to legalize retail cannabis sales and delivery — city officials on Tuesday ...

Crafting your resume to land your dream cannabis jobs

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San Diego may loosen cannabis rules to help minorities gain a piece of lucrative industry

By DAVID GARRICK SAN DIEGO —  San Diego is launching a comprehensive analysis of its laws governing cannabis businesses to see how they could be loosened to allow ...

Jim Belushi is chasing the magic in cannabis

By Matt Burns Idon’t think Jim Belushi was high while we talked on Zoom this week. Instead of a joint, he was puffing on a cigar, but he was still happy and smiling. “I ...

Historic Hiring Trends in Canadian Cannabis

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The Cannabis Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make Legal Weed More Diverse

By CAROLINE LEWIS JP started selling marijuana in middle school, a hustle he got into through a neighbor on the Lower East Side. He didn’t necessarily see it as a passion or ...

What’s That About? Why No Legal Cannabis Stores in Cambridge?

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Smoke out the best cannabis candles and marijuana-inspired home fragrances

By MARY CLEARY Cannabis was once something you might hide the smell of with perfume, but now a number of home fragrance and perfume brands are challenging the norm and celebrating ...

JMCC Presents: Frontiers in Medical Cannabis Research – Part Two: Cannabis & Epilepsy

By JMCC To see more:

Medicinal cannabis: ‘Wonder drug’ or work in progress?

By Zulfikar Abbany Scientists are researching a range of possible medical applications for the chemical compounds, often synthetic ones, that can be derived from cannabis. Forms ...
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