An Uncooperative Federal Government, Increasing Losses, And Heavy Dilution Of Shareholder Value Are All Generally Good Reasons To Avoid Any Stock On Their Own.

Standing woman seems to be contemplating an arm holding up a fishing hook with a $100 bill on it above her I think a history of poor execution with its present businesses suggests entering the medical and recreational markets will only lead to further losses. Medical Marijuana Inc. is more optimisticand considers itself well-positioned for eventual cannabis legalization. Unfortunately, it probably Marijuana Stocks won’t get a chance to prove me wrong for several more years at best. During his campaign, President Trump was vague about his stance on the issue, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions was an outspoken opponent of marijuana legalization as a senator. Image source: Getty Images. Sessions brought his opinion along with him to the Department of Justice. If anything, we can expect tougher enforcement of existing marijuana laws in the years ahead. An uncooperative federal government, increasing losses, and heavy dilution of shareholder value are all generally good reasons to avoid any stock on their own. Combining all three is a recipe for disaster. This time it looks like the banks are right.

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