Bill Ekeler can see the benefits the legalization of hemp in Nebraska could have for the state and its farmers.

The Blair native, along with his brother, Mike, and two others recently started their own cannabidiol, or CBD, company, Able CBD, in California after a year of research.

“We started it because we had family who were actually using CBD and as we started to look into it, it just seemed like the right thing to do,” Bill Ekeler said. “We were looking for a project that was fun, made some sense and could help people.”

Ekeler is also looking at how it could help Nebraska’s farmers.

“Our ground in Nebraska and the farming techniques that our farmers have lend itself to planting large acres of nutritional seed, which would be a very good crop for some of the guys who are struggling now,” Ekeler said.

Growing hemp in Nebraska could soon become a reality.

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