Hornbuckle Said Legalizing Marijuana Could Help With Opioid Overdoses As Well As Help Fix The Structural Hole In The States Budget.

Hornbuckle said legalizing marijuana could help with opioid overdoses as well as help fix the structural hole in the states budget. I think on the economic side of legalizing marijuana, it would do good going forward with not just being a one-time fix, Hornbuckle said. Also delving into reducing the Department of Corrections Jail bill will help the state financially as well. The bill legalizes manufacturing, selling and possessing marijuana for people 21 Marijuana Stocks years old or older and says it would be taxed and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol. Last week, members of the House debated medical marijuana on the floor after Delegate Shawn Fluharty, D-Ohio, proposed an amendment that would reclassify medical marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule IV. It was defeated in a 35-64 vote. Currently, marijuana is classified as Schedule I, meaning it has no medicinal use. Moving it to Schedule IV would allow it to be medically prescribed. This was the first time medical marijuana was debated on the House floor. After the amendments defeat, some lawmakers said the issue could be dead for the session. Im a person who says, never say never. Im a coach and I always say that to my players, Hornbuckle said. There are some dynamics here that may slow that process down but I know Im not going to stop fighting for it because its the right thing to do for our constituents.

To read more visit http://www.timeswv.com/news/recreational-marijuana-bill-introduced-in-house/article_2c63442c-0ad5-11e7-9fc1-d7ba0c9a8f60.html

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