I Urge You Not To Substitute Your Will For Theirs, She Said.

Sen. David Sanders, R-Little Rock, spoke in support of the bill. Im afraid that by allowing this (amendment) to move marijuana forward we will in fact do harm to individuals, and that gives me pause, he said. Speaking against the bill, Sen. Linda Chesterfield, D-Little Rock, said there are only 35 senators, whereas hundreds of thousands of people voted to legalize medical marijuana in the state. I urge you not to substitute your will for theirs, she said. Rapert moved to expunge the vote by which his bill failed so he could bring the measure back for another vote, but the motion failed. Rapert could attempt to change the medical-marijuana amendment with another bill, however. SB 721, which he filed last week on the last day of bill filing for the session, states that its purpose is to amend the medical-marijuana amendment.

To read more visit http://www.boonevilledemocrat.com/news/20170314/senate-again-rejects-bill-to-ban-smoking-medical-marijuana/1

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