The Measure Presently Calls For A 3.75 Percent Tax On Marijuana Sales.

Donato The vote to delay implementation of the retail sale of recreational marijuana sales for six months was not an attempt to dismantle the will of the electorate, but to allow us to put in place the necessary safeguards and other measures needed to ensure the law is successful and truly represents the mandates of the people. Careful attention must be given to the wholesale and retail business models of this new industry. Health, agriculture, enforcement, issuance of licenses, taxes, local siting of retail establishments, and criminal justice issues are just the beginning of many complicated questions before us. The measure presently calls for a 3.75 percent tax on marijuana sales. States that have legalized recreational marijuana all tax the sale at much higher rates. Even many proponents of the bill agree Medical marijuana stocks the tax rate would not provide sufficient revenue to fund the programs needed to implement and monitor this industry and address other issues that may develop from an increase in marijuana use. It is necessary to strike the correct balance: if the rate is too high, it encourages black market sales; and if its too low, it becomes a burden on our existing budget. Local approval is another area requiring our attention. The current law requires a local ballot question if a municipality wants to opt out. Cities and towns need guidelines on that process and on how to license and monitor facilities within their jurisdiction.

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