The Program Exists To Get Medicine To Patients.

If that happens, the models that the five companies used when deciding to open New York facilities will get blown up, Unruh said. I hate to complain about economics because this is and ought to be about patients, Unruh said. But were terrified theyre going to allow new production operations. The existing companies all could shut down today and still have an eight-month supply on hand, said one industry insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Any of the five organizations could alone supply the entire market as it exists today, said Hoffnung, the Vireo Health executive who also is president of a trade group representing the five licensed companies. Its going to be financial devastation not only for the existing operators but eventually for the new ones, he said of the states plan to double the number of licensees. What theyre doing is instead of creating more patient access, theyre creating more supply, and that supply is not needed in any way, shape or form. Not your corner drugstore Those who support expanding the medical marijuana program say more players will get the drug to more qualified patients and thus help bring down the sky-high prices for some consumers. The drug can cost many regular users $400 a month, and no insurance covers it. The program exists to get medicine to patients. The best way to do that is open it up and let people do more manufacturing and dispensing as opposed to just dispensing, said Robert Bellafiore, a spokesman for the ValleyAgriceuticals, one of the five companies in line for a new license. marijuana The more manufacturers, the better chance of more effective medicine that people may want than what is currently on the market, he said. The marijuana dispensaries are not like the corner drugstore.

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